We, at Instrumed (PVT.) Ltd started as a small workshop at the start of last century and now have become one of the leading manufacturers of surgical and dental instruments. Today our products are sold worldwide, from Asia, Africa to Europe and America.

Instrumed (PVT.) Ltd., was established in 1974 by our Ex-Chief Executive, Mr Ejaz Ahmed Chatha (late) who started of his career in the family business with his brothers in 1960. This family business was established in 1908.

Quality is our watchword. We pursue it relentlessly from development through production to service and customer support. Precision is a very important factor in our process. We view precision not only in terms of manufacturing, but also in whole surgical procedure as an integrated system. Large stocks of our products help us to reduce processing time of customer orders, resulting in faster delivery.

• ISO-9001

• ISO-13485

• CE

• cGMP

• FDA quality system signify that quality is important to us.


It was the year 1916 when a few talented workers from Sialkot, who were our forefathers, joined hands to start production of surgical instruments. Production was initiated on the basis of samples that were brought by a businessman of Sialkot from United Kingdom, who also happened to be member of The Privy Council. 

Market expanded at snail’s pace for almost three decades, first in The Punjab and later in other parts of India.

Exports had started in the 1940s, but the industry got a boost during the Second World War (1939-1945) due to stoppage of supply of instruments from England for the War Theater in the East. During this period, some British technicians helped the industry by introducing new processes for surgical instruments including the Heat Treatment.

In 1946, three real brothers established a partnership company for the production and export of surgical instruments. This company had initial success and started selling its products in India while first exports went to Turkey in the same year.

A few years’ later two younger brothers started similar business, with increase in demand; it became necessary to enlarge the production. A larger production facility was established in 1954 that was further expanded in the coming years. 

In 1954, the company made its first export of surgical instruments by any Pakistani company to United States of America. In the year 1961, both companies, joined hands and formed a new company which was later joined by two younger brothers. One of which was our Ex-Chief Executive, Mr. Ejaz Ahmed Chatha. After the joining of Mr. Ejaz Chatha the company went in great success which gave the company higher profits and good quality assurance.

Company continued to progress and due to further increase in demand, it was decided to move to a larger facility in Small Industrial Estate, Sialkot.

Where In 1974, that is when Mr. Ejaz Chatha decided to move on his own, and show the world of his potential skills that he held, Instrumed (PVT.) Ltd. Was formed. As Mr. Chatha showed to be the shining star in his family business, he proved his skills by setting up a business of his own. Since then, Instrumed (PVT.) Ltd. has had been providing quality services world wide, with which creating a good repute globally. All of which continues on for the foreseeable future…

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